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Pillar 3:
Strengthening Social Cohesion and Citizens Access to Quality Services of Social Integration and Promotion in Employment and Entrepreneurship. The total Budget assigned to the Municipality of Piraeus for the implementation of the Pillar 3 projects is €27,337,000.
Expanding the Access of Vulnerable Groups to Services and Actions for Social Care and Promotion of Social Integration Development of a Network for the Provision of Social Services with Multi-Channel Access of the Beneficiaries in the Municipality of Piraeus.
Adaptation of the existing nursery school on Ypapantis and Papastratos streets in PD 992017, static strengthening and its extension by adding floors
Actions to Promote Public Health and Preventive Medicine in the Municipality of Piraeus
Network of Services for Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Improving the Quality of Life of Vulnerable and Special Groups including Disabled Teenagers Young People with high social risk etc in the Municipality of Piraeus
Adaptation of the existing nursery on Ermoupoleos and Paxos streets in PD 992017 Static reinforcement
Network of Prevention and Direct Social Intervention in the Municipality of Piraeus Social Innovation Piraeus
Innovative actions of socialization and social integration of the unemployed of the Municipality of Piraeus
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