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Pillar 2:
Urban Upgrading and Revitalization – Promotion of the City of Piraeus as an internationally recognizable tourist and cultural destination – Management and diffusion of tourist and cultural flows in the City through Sustainable Urban Mobility interventions and application of smart solutions in urban and social functions. The total Budget allocated to the Municipality of Piraeus for the implementation of the Pillar 2 projects is €24,521,000.
Smart and Sustainable Management of Local Environmental and Energy Resources Sustainable Mobility and Smart Management of Urban Commercial and Tourist Traffic Flows Smart Living and Quality of Life
Intelligent forecasting attraction planning and sustainable management of Urban Touristic and Cultural Flows in the City of Piraeus
Virtual tours in Piraeus
Integrated Destination Management System
Cultural Days and Sea Routes 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 of the Municipality of Piraeus
Urban Redevelopment of Irini Avenue 3rd Municipal Community of the Municipality of Piraeus
Configuration of the Entrance Gate to Piraeus for cruise guests Highlighting a central and cultural route with interventions in the public space
Greek Folk Culture on the stage of our digital world
Intelligent electronic platform of the Municipality of Piraeus for smart and friendly governance, guidance of the smart city, consultation and accountability of local development and social policies
Digital portal to the Culture of Piraeus
Destination Management Mechanism of the city of Piraeus
Smart Neighborhoods in Piraeus Technological micro-infrastructures and smart city applications on a social and urban micro-scale
Redevelopment of Karpathos Square, Municipality of Piraeus
Sustainable Interconnection of Urban Areas in the Municipality of Piraeus with the supply of Green Buses
Pilot Information Prevention Management and Awareness Mechanism for the risks arising from climate change in the Urban Environment of Piraeus
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